Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Bike Ride

I spent way too much time pumping up my rear tire in Washington Park last week, and the tire casing had developed a bulge in one spot, creating a lumpy ride. So I treated the old steed to a new tire and tube for this week's foray into the wilds of Washington. I was in the park at 8am, opened the gate for one of the rangers, and was pedaling back out at 9:30. Slagbaai is usually pretty quiet when I roll by at about 8:45.

Some friends were also in the park yesterday and had some great cheeseburgers at the Slagbaai Beach restaurant. We'll have to check that out soon. Maybe an early morning Brandaris climb, followed by a snorkel and burger at Slagbaai.
Take a good look at that nice tread. These tires roll fast but wear quickly, so these knobs won't look like that for long.
This will probably be my last Washington Park bike trip until November or so. The sunlight is getting more intense as we enter June, so I'll want to start and and my rides earlier than I can when I do the park. It is a three hour ride, 45 minutes from home to the park, entering at 8am. Then an hour and a half through the park, and 45 minutes back home to Hato, finishing at 10:15.
You can see this ride on mapmyrun by following this link. Remember to select the satelite map to see Bonaire as more than a white blob.
If I ride outside the park, I can start around 6am and finish a three hour ride by 9am, which is much better from the UV exposure standpoint.

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