Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Volunteer

Right after the two church summer missions teams returned home from helping us here on Bonaire, former TWR missionary kid, John McDonald arrived to help get the TWR Bonaire web site back online after an absence of quite a few years.

John saved up his vacation time and was able to be here for seven weeks.  Besides working on the web site, John got in a lot of diving, and was able to re-connect with quite a few friends from back when he lived here as a kid.

We had a staff China Nobo take out food feast in the Master Studio when John wrapped up his volunteer efforts at the office.  John's sister, Joanna, joined John for the last two weeks of his time here.
Pictured, from left to right:  Dave Pedersen, Dick Veldman (partially hidden,) John McDonald, Joanna McDonald, Donna Gassert, Laura Neal, Brandon Neal, and Ivan Statia.  You can see my food waiting for me in the foreground.   Yum!

Another Summer Mission Trip

We were very fortunate to have two church groups from the States here this summer.  They volunteered their vacation time to help with some construction type projects.  I wrote about the first group here.

The second group to visit, shown here, was from the Tabernacle of Danville, Virginia. 
Photo credit: Laura Neal

Planetary Update

Yikes, it's been so long since I've done a post that I almost forgot my login informaton!

A few days after I saw Mars, Saturn and the star Spica making a small triangle in the sky, the moon joined the grouping.  I ran out in the backyard and snapped a few pictures.  Never got around to posting until now though.

Compare the position of Mars with its position in the pictures in the post just below this one.
It was fun to see the configuration change from night to night.  Or maybe it is just fun if you live on a desert island...