Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Washington Park Scenes

I went on a bike ride in Washington Park a couple weeks ago.  The sky was super clear that day so I ended up taking a lot of pictures and not riding all that far.  It worked out fine since I'm still working at getting up to speed after my cycling crash in December and being off the bike in Jan. and Feb.

There are always some great views when first entering the park.  The roads were in good shape here, but more rugged in other places.

Here is a view of a quite different type of terrain that can be found along the coast.

Moon and Planets

When I was up on Seru Largu this past Sunday morning setting up for the annual Easter Sunrise Service, I noticed Mars hanging out near Antares at the head of Scorpius.  They both looked Orangey-Red.  Mars will be getting brighter over the next month or two.

This morning, the Moon arrived on the scene, and Saturn, the Moon and Mars made a triangle in the sky.  The moon was still pretty bright, but I could still pick out the main stars of Scorpius.

The first image is a wide shot of the moon, planets and a few stars.   You'll probably want to click on these images to see them full size.

Below is a cropped shot where the Moon is properly exposed and Saturn and Mars are by the edges of the frame.  Mars is down in the bottom right corner of the cropped photo and Saturn is towards the upper left side of the frame.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Not So Brainless Quadrupeds

The Bonaire drivers manual back in the day warned us to watch out for brainless quadrupeds on the roadway.  I guess they might have been referring to donkeys, goats, dogs and the like.  Ever since then we've had fun identifying the various types of brainless bipeds we encounter on the roads here.

Well, the donkeys aren't so brainless after all.  These spy photos, taken from the TWR parking lot in Hato, have found them out.  The donkeys mill around looking all forlorn and woebegone, until they lure in some unsuspecting tourist type.  Then they swarm around the car and pounce, as seen in this action sequence.


View from the Back Door

Here is the view today, from the TWR Bonaire office here on Bonaire.

It was inspiring to walk out the door and see the blue sky and the blue Caribbean.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Sunset with Tower, Cacti, and Birds

Some birds flew through the frame during the sunset video I recently posted.  They really zoom by at the 4X playback speed.  Maybe a half dozen frames had birds in them. 
Here is one of the frames with the birds in it.

Sunset Video

Here is a video of the Sun setting behind one of the towers at TWR Bonaire.  It is at 4X speed so it only takes a minute to play, instead of the four minutes it took to film it.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Mystery Object


We found this extender card while rummaging around at the TWR Bonaire studios.

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what device it might be used with?