Saturday, March 29, 2014

Windmill Wanderings

Saturday is my long bike ride day.  Today, I was testing out my new rear tire and didn't want to get in the middle of the park and find out there was a problem.  So, when I got to the park gate area, I turned east and rode along Playa Grandi/Morotin and the windmills.

I climbed a nearby ridge and snapped a few pictures of the scene.  What is really cool in the early morning, and what I didn't take any pictures of today, is that the shadows of the windmills go right across the road.  It is amazing to see the shadows of those giant blades revolving on the ground right in front of one's nose, so to speak.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Shameless Plug

I seem to be on an Amazon roll here.  (see yesterday's post)  If you read my blog every day, you are in luck.  Former TWR missionary kid, Megan Hustad's, book, How to Be Useful is one of Tuesday's Kindle Daily Deals.  You can pick it up today for $1.99 whoo whoo

It may not be a coincidence that Megan's second book, More Than Conquerors: A Memoir of Lost Arguments, was just released last month.  It sounds well worth reading.
  Hmmm... decisions decisions, buy it now or wait for a sale?

I watch the daily deals pretty carefully, 'cause great buys come along if you are patient.  I was able to finally get Eric Metaxas' biography of Wilberforce at a great price a couple months ago.  I'd been watching for it ever since Sandra's cousin, Bud Gillan, gave us Metaxas' biography of Bonhoeffer.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Shameless Amazon Smile Promotion

I buy tons of stuff from Amazon, both personally and for work.  I usually check Amazon first, because they make it very easy to ship stuff to wherever and whomever I need it to go to.  I think my Amazon shipping address book has three pages.

I just learned about the AmazonSmile Foundation.  If you go to instead of the usual Amazon site, you can select your favorite charity, including Trans World Radio.  After you select TWR, hint hint, then .5% of your purchase price for eligible items will be donated to TWR.

The big news is that right now, until March 31, Amazon Smile will donate an extra $5 each time you shop and make an eligible purchase, in addition to the usual .5%.

You can use your usual Amazon user name and password, and the prices seem to be the same on the site.  I feel a buying frenzy coming on!  :)

I just bought a compressed air line dryer for our antenna painting rig and, shazaam, $5 plus .5% went to TWR.  Pretty cool.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

NRB Recognizes Project Hannah for Partnerships

TWR's Project Hannah women's ministry was recognized at the National Religious Broadcaster convention in the USA recently.   In response, founder, Marli Spieker said, "the honor represented by the award belongs first to God and second to the local women who make this outreach possible."

Bonaire has its own Project Hannah affiliate, which meets regularly in prayer for women's needs, and produces the radio program, Muhé di Speranza.

You can listen to Muhé di Speranza on the Project Hannah Web site.

Read the TWR news release by following this link.

TWR News – NRB Recognizes Project Hannah for Partnerships

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bye Bye Buggy

We're planning to sell the buggy soon.  I decided that the new exhaust system I was storing in my office would add more value if it was on the car, rather than sitting in a box.  So instead of waiting (even longer) for the stock exhaust system to rust out, I went ahead and installed the new system.
When I cut off the old system, which was the same as what was supplied on a 1970's "VW Thing", I  couldn't believe how thick the tubing was.  I think it would have lasted for years.
The car is noticeably quicker with the new system.  This exhaust really lets the dual carbs breath, and it sounds cool too, even with the quiet muffler.  If I had known the extent of the performance boost, I would have put the new exhaust on a long time ago.  :)