Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainy Bonaire

The crew on Bonaire is painting another of our towers. They had to stop for a while because of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Omar. Sunny weather has returned to Bonaire, but the antenna fields at TWR are still flooded, as you can see here.
We've seen this before, but last year wasn't this wet.
Thanks go to George Zensen for these photos.

Sandra and I are hoping for a wet winter on Bonaire, so that the Olive bushes around the perimeter of our back yard, that we cut way back, will grow in nice and bushy.

An Apple a Day

Apples are one of the few raw fruits and/or vegitables that I can eat without various annoying allergic reactions. We've enjoyed some delicious (no pun intended) apples this fall, and had a great outing to the Cherry Hill Orchard, in Lancaster, to pick our own apples, fresh off of the trees.
The trees were fairly short and bushy. Some of them were really loaded with apples.

We picked a big bag full of Cortland apples and have been enjoying their crisp texture and slightly tart flavor. The Cortland apple trees were pretty picked over, so I had to reach waaaay high to get some.

Stained Glass Windows

My mom really likes stained glass art. I snapped these pictures at the First Baptist Church in Asbury Park, NJ.

Fall Foliage

It's chilly, windy and rainy here in PA today. But it has been a great fall up 'till now. We were in Perry Hall, MD last week. Had a good time with friends at the Perry Hall Baptist Church and got in a couple good bike rides on some very hilly MD roads. Here are a couple pictures of the views from NJ, not too far from where Richard and Nancy live.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All new TWR Web Site

The Trans World Radio website was completely overhauled this past summer. The home page is changed each month to highlight a different part of the worldwide TWR ministry.

Browsing through the drop down menus will uncover a wealth of information.

The month of October features our broadcasts to Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Other Side of New Jersey

I have to admit that some areas of New Jersey are less than picturesque, but during this past week we enjoyed some bike riding and hiking in a breathtakingly beautiful part of the state. The trees are beginning to get colorful and the weather has been perfect.
We could see the New York skyline in the far distance, but were far removed from its hustle and bustle.
Check out these overgrown ruins of the Van Slyke Castle located in the middle of the forest.

Swedish Coffee Bread

Here's a picture of Brad's mom, whipping up a batch of her yummy Swedish coffee bread. After all the secret ingredients are in the dough. It is rolled up and braided to make a loaf of the coffee bread.
These special snips seem to help the flavors mingle during baking.
Here's the final product shortly before is was consumed.

Book Bargains

Sandra and I recently attended one of the largest, if not the largest, used book sale in the USA. The selling prices got lower at the end of the three day event. Sandra and I were there, armed with a 12 page printout of our home library, and came away with 43 used hard back and paperback books for about 13 dollars.
I even spotted a copy of TWR founder, Dr. Paul Freed's book, "Towers to Eternity."
Click on the picture for a bigger version and see if you can spot Sandra towards the middle of the picture.

Brooks Tegler Big Band

I attended an interesting concert recently. The Brooks Tegler big band recreated a World War 2 Glen Miller Army Air Force Band concert, right down to the drum set and uniforms.

There were a surprising number of people in the audience who had actually heard an original Glen Miller band.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Asbury Park - Ocean Grove

We recently spent a weekend with the folks at the Asbury Park Baptist Church in New Jersey. This church has been involved with the ministry of Trans World Radio since before the Bonaire station was constructed. Richard and Nancy drove down for the weekend and stayed in neighboring Ocean Grove. It was a rainy and foggy weekend so the beach was deserted. When the fog really filled in, we couldn't even see the water from the street. The weather didn't dampen our spirits however.
We went for a walk in the evening and the foggy scene was really amazing, like something out of a Sherlock Holmes story.
This church has a Spanish speaking congregation as well as the English speaking one. They both met together for the missions emphasis weekend. Here we see Sandra singing a couple songs with the Hispanic group on Friday night.