Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Foliage

Well we've gotten our doctor visits pretty much finished up and it is time to leave New Jersey for points south. But we've stayed here just long enough for the fall foliage colors to peak.
The fall colors are absolutely stunning right now. And not just in the forests and hills.

We saw jaw dropping displays of color just driving around the streets in the various towns here.

The first two shots here are more or less from Richard and Nancy's front porch, and the last two shots are looking west from the back yard, and then looking east to the back yard.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Turning over a New Leaf

My brother and I used to mow lawns and rake leaves for a living, back in our high school days. With our trusty bamboo rakes (actually our dad's rakes) and giant tarps, we removed truckloads of leaves from ours and our neighbor's yards.

Our son, Richard, has lots of trees (and leaves) in his sizable yard. He and his neighbor, Jamie, have pooled their resources and gone hi tech.

They can now cut the grass and suck up the leaves in one fell swoop, and then dump the compacted mixture on Jamie's compost heap.

Here is a picture of Jamie trying out the new leaf sucker. He graciously left some leaves for Richard to play with tomorrow when he returns from an overnight trip. :)

Lazy Days

A couple days after Sandra finished her video EEG test, I had a pre-cancerous mole removed from my right leg. It was down between my Achilles tendon, and there wasn't much "meat" to work with. So a plastic surgeon did it and I've been on crutches since then to avoid damaging the surprisingly large incision that they made. Nothing like being able to quote doctors orders to justify my lounging around.
Yes, I'm still allergic to cats, but they make the most amazing allergy pills and inhalers now...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Video EEG

Sandra was in the hospital all last week for a long term video EEG test. It went well, the Dr. got good data on some seizures, and the full report will be ready in about two weeks.

The preliminary finding is that Sandra's seizures aren't going to be as easy to treat as we had originally hoped.