Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Papiamentu language is now on TWR360

I've written about TWR's online media portal from time to time.  Well, a new language has just joined the roster, Papiamentu.

We printed 8000 copies of the Alimento Pa E Alma daily devotional book, and they are almost all gone. However these devotionals are now available online.

But wait, there’s more! Not one, but three Papiamentu programs can now be found on the TWR360 Web site. They are: Mi a Disidí, Muhé di Speransa and Alimento Pa E Alma.

Just go to www.twr360.org and click on Languages on the main page, and then click on Papiamentu.

You’ll then see current episodes of the three programs. If you then click on Ministerio I Igleseianan, you’ll see a link to the main page of each of the three programs.

For Mi a Disidí and Alimento pa E Alma, in addition to listening to the audio, you can get a pdf file with the text.

There is a new Alimento Pa E Alma episode for each day of the week. It matches the one in the printed devotional book, and on the radio.  There are three new Mi a Disidí episodes per week.

We’re still tweaking things, like: the Mi a Disidí spelling needs fixing on the title page, and Muhé Di Speransa too.

Coming soon are some Bible studies by Pastor Petrona called Awa Bibu.

There are TWR360 apps for Android and iOS devices too. On an iPhone, if you click on the little picture of the globe in the top right corner of the main screen, you'll get a list of languages that includes Papiamentu. On an Android phone, the first thing I saw when I launched the app was a list of languages that did not include Papiamentu. I then clicked around randomly at the bottom of that list of languages and a "home" type screen came up that has the same little map of the world at the top right corner that appears on the iOS home screen. I clicked on the little map and got a list of languages that does include Papiamentu.

And let me give a big thank you to the Francees and Senchi families for giving us the music heard on Mi a Disidí and Alimento Pa E Alma.

Please feel free to share this information about Papiamentu on TWR360 to anyone that you think might be interested.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Planets on Parade

Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are forming a nice line across the Bonaire sky. I tried taking some pictures Friday evening.

Last time i did this was in 2003, when Mars was a tiny bit closer to the Earth. My 2003 pix came out better than these, so I think i'll have to get out there and try try again.

But even these blurry pix show more detail than i could see in the telescope eyepiece the other night.