Friday, July 28, 2006

Bonaire on Google Earth

Do you have Google Earth on your computer? I highly recommend it. It is a lot of fun to visit your favorite places online. A friend of mine recently mentioned that the Google Earth Map of Bonaire was upgraded.

I finally got around to looking at it today and yes indeedy, it is wonderful!

You can Google Earth search by latitude and longitude, among other things. (like zip code for people in the States)

Copy and paste these coordinates into Google Earth to see the TWR studio/office complex by the traffic circle. 12.167077N 68.284967W

Here is the location of the TWR transmitter site. You can see the transmitter hall and the shadows of the four towers that make up our MW antenna array.
12.106333N 68.284228W

Email me and I'll give you the coordinates of our house. Just don't want to publish that one on the big bad internet.

Hmmm.... there are some geocaches located on Bonaire. Plugging those coordinates into Google Earth would make finding them pretty easy I'd say. One still might need a GPS receiver to nail down the last few meters, but who knows.......

Hmmmm.... #2, I'll probably start carrying a GPS receiver on my bike rides again, so I can plot the track on the Google Earth maps.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Wedding Photos posted

Richard and Nancy are back in New Jersey, following a fun honeymoon at Negril, Jamaica.

Sandra and I had great flights back to Bonaire a week ago. One of the flight attendants on the flight from Miami to Curacao grew up in the jungles of southern Venezuela. He and his family depended on the broadcasts of TWR - Bonaire for a taste of home, and he was quite excited to meet someone from the station.

We took the Divi Divi from Curacao to Bonaire. Divi Dive air is a small time operation, but they are very good at what they do. The plane seats 10, including the pilot, and it was packed full. We all had carry on stuff on our laps and under our feet and could hardly move. We flew along the east coast of Curacao before heading over to Bonaire. As we flew along, we had a great view of the south end of Curacao and also of the coast of Venezuela on the western horizon. I could see Venezuela out the right window, and the mountains of Washington park on Bonaire out the left window.

I've posted some more pictures from Rich and Nan's wedding rehearsal and wedding in my Club Photo albums. They may mostly be of interest to Richard and Nancy's family and friends, but you are welcome to check them out if you want to.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Richard and Nancy are Wed

Richard and Nancy's big day was yesterday. The wedding and reception were wonderful, and we think Richard and Nancy are wonderful too.

I have posted a few pictures of the wedding and reception in my Club Photo photo albums. I'll be posting more pictures over the next days and weeks, as I have time. We travel from NJ to PA tomorrow and return to Bonaire on Thursday.

Wedding Rehersal

We had Richard and Nancy's wedding rehersal Friday evening at 6 pm and then dinner at Pal's Cabin at 8.

I've posted some pictures on the Club Photo site. The pictures that follow Freddy Flamingo are of Richard and Nancy.

The first 15 pictures on the club photo page are from Jamie and Andrew's wedding a couple weeks ago. By the way, they honeymooned on Bonaire at the Golden Reef Inn (right on the other side of the wall from our backyard!) and had a super wonderful time.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Wedding Tomorrow

Richard and Nancy are getting married tomorrow, whoo whoo.

Here is a picture of them taken on July 2, in Ocean Grove, NJ, where they were attending cousin Jamie Gillan's wedding.

We had a mini bachlor party with Richard thursday night. We all went to a great Thai restaurant in Montclair. Pictured from left to right are me, Jim Ruskowski, best man Ben Sykora, Nancy's brother Steve, Richard, and Nancy's father, Pastor Ed Banghart. Posted by Picasa