Monday, February 28, 2022

Moon, Mercury and Saturn

 I got to see the Moon, Mercury and (finally) Saturn this morning. I went behind the TWR studios and shot across the salt pond looking East.


Sunday, February 27, 2022

Moon and Planets

Venus, Mars and the Moon were lined up in the pre-dawn sky Sunday morning. I took a close up picture from our back yard and then went to near 1000 steps to get a wide angle view. You'll probably need to view the images full size in order to spot Mars in between Venus and the Moon.


A little bit later Mercury popped out from behind the cloud bank.  It would have been easier to see had it popped out a bit earlier while the sky was darker. 

Brazilwood Trees

 The Brazilwood trees are blooming like crazy right now.  The other morning on my before work bike ride, I rode out on the lower dirt road north of Sabadeco, climbed the killer hills and then came back on the upper dirt road north of Sabadeco. There were flowering trees all along that route. It was great. I took a picture with my phone that shows the trees and a cruise ship pulling into the harbor. 


Later, Sandra and the dog and I drove back and got some pictures with an actual camera. The sequence of three pix is the same shot, but just cropped in more and more, until there is a surprise visible in the final 1 to 1 crop.


Rain and Rainbow




 Here are a couple pictures from Feb. 22.  There were some rain clouds dumping rain downtown.  The rain is still very heavy at times, but it typically doesn't rain everywhere at once.





At the TWR studios, the skies are clear but there is a rainbow shining over the new solar panel array.  You can also see the Moon at the upper left of the picture, as well as the North half of the new resort where Hotel Bonaire used to be.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Moon and Jupiter

 There is a nice skinny Moon to the left of Jupiter tonight.  It looked great, even before it was completely dark out.