Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Planets on the Move Oct. 17-26

This picture represents much loss of sleep in the interests of science.  ha-ha.
We see Venus, Jupiter and Mars changing position between Saturday, October 17 and Monday, October 26.
Venus is at the top of the image and slowly moves down (to the East) day by day.
Jupiter starts out just below Mars and moves slightly up (West)  Actually, Jupiter doesn't move very much at all with respect to the fixed background stars.
Mars starts out just above Jupiter and slowly drops down (East).
You can't see the background stars in this composite image, but I used them to make sure that each frame was registered correctly relative to the other frames.  So the changing positions of the planets are real.  Venus and Mars really were moving eastward relative to Jupiter and the background stars, which made Jupiter look like it was moving up from Mars to Venus.
Venus will be down by Mars by the end of this week.
I'm not sure how well the planets will show up on a Web browser, but if figure it is worth a try.  The image is 1920 pixels wide, so if you have a 1920x1080 monitor, and click on this thumbnail, you might be in luck.  I'll have a look with a few different computers to get an idea of how this is working.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Morning and Evening Planets

The Bonaire skies were pretty cloud free last night, and I was tempted to attempt a shot of the crescent moon near Saturn and Antares, but decided not to...  'cause it wasn't that clear, and the Moon really mushes out if there is any haze in the sky at all.

However, this morning, when I saw Mars really close to Jupiter, with Venus shining up above and Mercury glowing way down below, I just had to venture out and try to capture it.

I enhanced the planets a little in these small images, so that on the screen they'd look about like what I saw with my naked eye.

Mercury is hard to see, directly to the right of the "Y" in the word Mercury.  Mars, Jupiter, and Venus are easier to spot.

The original image is 9500x5500 pixels, so if and when I print that up, the planets should be easy to see.  I also bracketed my exposures for the bottom of the image, so i can go back and get some more detail in the mural before I try printing the image.

Monday, October 12, 2015

TWR360 Update

 Did you know that if you can't listen to TWR Bonaire on your radio, like you live at the North Pole or something, you need to check out TWR360,  There is audio and video in 41 languages on TWR360 right now.  Don't be left out.  Check out today.

TWR360 received a record number of visitors in September, 505,123 to be exact, using a variety of devices. The breakdown is 65.38% in the mobile category, 31.23% using desktops, and 3.39% using tablets.

In September, Brazil lead the way in sessions from Web browsers. The rest of the top 10 countries with visitors to TWR360 using Web browsers include: USA, India, Vietnam, (unknown), the The Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia and Kenya.

And the USA lead the way among visitors using Apps to visit TWR360 last month. The rest of the top 10 countries using Apps include: India, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, and Venezuela.