Saturday, October 17, 2015

Morning and Evening Planets

The Bonaire skies were pretty cloud free last night, and I was tempted to attempt a shot of the crescent moon near Saturn and Antares, but decided not to...  'cause it wasn't that clear, and the Moon really mushes out if there is any haze in the sky at all.

However, this morning, when I saw Mars really close to Jupiter, with Venus shining up above and Mercury glowing way down below, I just had to venture out and try to capture it.

I enhanced the planets a little in these small images, so that on the screen they'd look about like what I saw with my naked eye.

Mercury is hard to see, directly to the right of the "Y" in the word Mercury.  Mars, Jupiter, and Venus are easier to spot.

The original image is 9500x5500 pixels, so if and when I print that up, the planets should be easy to see.  I also bracketed my exposures for the bottom of the image, so i can go back and get some more detail in the mural before I try printing the image.

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