Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yard Work

Once or twice a year we have to cut back the trees and bushes in and around our yard. They lie dormant most of the year, but when we get heavy rains, they go crazy and try to take over all available space.
The weather has been brutally hot, so we've just been working in the early morning and early evening hours each day. Sandra is always happy for any opportunity to use her "alligator" chain saw. It cuts surprisingly quickly and is much safer than a normal saw.
This year we also cut back the olive bushes that are in front of the walls around the perimeter of our back yard. They had gotten tall, unkempt, and scraggly. The yard kind of looks bare naked now, but we're hoping for a wet rainy season this year so that they will all grow back thick and bushy. We have aggressively cut back a few of these bushes in the past and they grew back and filled in wonderfully, so we're hoping that they'll do it again. There are also a few Wayaka trees back there that were getting crowded out. We're hoping that they'll start growing like crazy too, now that they have some space and sunlight. We really like the Wayaka.
We rented a dumpster from Selibon for the weekend. The hot setup is to fill it up with clippings and then Sandra would stomp and bounce them down, and we'd fill it up again, and again, and again...

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