Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse from Bonaire

We still have our eclipse glasses from the total eclipse that we saw here on Bonaire back in the day.  So we invited a number of people to swing by the house Monday afternoon to do some eclipse gazing.  Sharing our three glasses worked fine.  Much like looking at the hands of a clock, we couldn't see the Moon's shadow actually moving across the face of the Sun, but if we checked back every five minutes or so, we could see that the shadow had indeed moved.

It was raining about an hour before eclipse time, which had me worried that we'd get clouded out, but we were able to view the whole eclipse through breaks in the clouds.  As the afternoon wound on, the skies got progressively clearer.

Below is a montage of pictures of the eclipse as seen in my C-90 telescope.  I would have liked to take the pictures at regular intervals, but was limited to the gaps in the clouds.

Below is one of the images at a larger size so you can see some of the sunspots.  The sunspots created a frame of reference that made it easy to track the progress of the shadow.

This last picture is not from Bonaire!  TWR missionaries, the Pedersens, happen to be in the States visiting their sponsors right now, and cleverly set up their travel itinerary to place them in the path of totality.  Ten year old Rachel snapped this picture of the Corona and Bailey's Beads with her trusty Canon SX30-HS camera.  Great shot Rachel!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Amazon Prime is 5% today only

I've mentioned Amazon Smile once or twice. When you buy stuff on Amazon through the Smile portal, they donate .5% of what you spend to various charities, including TWR.
Today only, they are donating 5%, not .5%, soooo, if you're planning to buy something from Amazon, do it today!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Furlough Fun

We've begun our March/April furlough with doctor visits in New Jersey.

We'll be heading to North
Carolina and Florida soon.

We're enjoying some beautiful sticky snow today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Backward Breezes

Tuesday morning, I went for my first before-work bike ride after three weeks of bronchitis.  There was no wind and the surface of the sea was pretty smooth, even out by Tolo and Karpata.
There was breeze later in the day, but it was backwards, which seems pretty unusual for February.

The sky is very clear, which is normal for February.  The stars have looked great and Kevin Baker reported seeing a super long green flash on Monday evening.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Drink Coffee - Support Missions

Partnering with world-class roaster "Twin Valley Coffee," Coffee Helping TWR sells some of the best coffee online and donates 100% of the profits to support TWR missionaries.

 Be sure to check out Coffee Helping TWR today.

You can even click on the "support a missionary" button to designate the funds to help sponsor Sandra and me here on Bonaire.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Waynesburg University visits Bonaire

In what has become a very welcome annual tradition, a group of mostly communications majors, from Waynesburg University in Western Pennsylvania, are here on Bonaire this week to help out at TWR.

Today they are producing liners and promos for our 89.5 FM station, the Voice of Hope.  They are also preparing TWR social media posts for Twitter and Facebook, and last but not least, they attacked the grass that has been running amok in the satellite antenna enclosure here at the office.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Desert Island?

Well, we did have a couple dry years recently and really enjoyed not having to do trail maintenance on our favorite cycling routes.

But 2016 has been another story. It has been rainy for a couple months now, and the flora is flourishing, as this shot of Bernard inspecting the back yard of one of the TWR houses in Hato shows.

The satellite antenna paddock behind the Offices is getting to look like this too. Good thing TWR has a DR Trimmer Mower!