Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Bonaire Race Loop

This chart shows altitude in meters and distance in Kilometers for one lap of a new Bonaire mtn. biking loop.
We have put together a few trails, some dirt roads and a short section of (uphill) paved road into what, assuming the various permissions can be obtained, just might be the next great Bonaire mtn. bike race course.
Some day (in the hopefully distant future) a house will be built across one part of it, so we better enjoy it while we can. There are already houses sitting on three of the dirt trails that I used to ride on back in the day. (The roads in Washington Park will become more and more precious as Bonaire becomes more and more developed.)

Anyway this loop is mostly comprised of double track and single track trails that are rough surfaced. It is a bumpy ride. Each 7.3km (4.6 mi) lap has about 164 meters (538 feet) of climbing. I did two laps early this morning, at a recreational pace. It was a lot of fun, and pretty adventurous for Bonaire.

You can see the race trail on mapmyrun if you follow this link. You'll have to change the map from "street view" to "satellite view" to see the cool scalable Google Earth type imagery. You can also change the distance units between km and mi.

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