Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Death Hill

A few of us refer to the cement surfaced hill between Rincon and the radio towers by the sinister name, "death hill." According to the data I got on my GPS yesterday evening, it is about a quarter mile (386 meters) long and has an average gradient of 13.2%.

This hill is situated in such a way that the cooling Bonaire winds are completely blocked. So when one pedals up in the hot Bonaire sun, at 10:15 am or so, on the way home from a nice long ride around Washington Park, one really does feel about ready to expire from the heat.

I always carry one water bottle designated for spraying in my helmet to cool me off when I'm climbing. The other water bottle, usually filled with flat Coke, and the Camelbak are for drinking.

When you crest this hill, the trade winds blast you fill in the face. Goose bumps and chills are pretty common.

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