Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Donkey Trail #1 Group Ride

Here is a distance and elevation chart, in metric units, from our group bike ride Tuesday evening. The distance was about 24.53 km or about 15.24 miles. The ride officially started ended at Bonaire Wellness in downtown Kralendijk, but I forgot to turn on the GPS until I was right in front of WEB in Hato, and that is about where I turned it off too. So the real ride was a little longer than these numbers indicate.

We had 12 people riding and we collectively had 5 (maybe 6) flat tires. I lost track. We started at 5pm and got back after dark, because of all the time spent flat fixing. (it is pretty dark by 7pm here these days) Maybe we should all try to have our flats at the same time and place, so we only need to stop once. Ha - Ha Most of us have clip on lights that we bring along and use when the ride goes long, like last night.

We all use Slime in our tubes and some people have plastic tire liners too, but the Bonaire thorns do us in anyway. A couple of the kids' flats were pinch flats from impacts on rocks. I saw one of the high speed rock hits and I was sure it was going to pitch the kid right off of the bike. But kids are amazing at staying upright somehow.

I've been riding with True Goo in my tubes for about a month now and it seems to be working at least as well as Slime, maybe better. I have a quart bottle of Slime sitting on top of my file cabinet at the office that I'll want to use up, but so far I suspect that I'll probably switch to True Goo eventually.

Here is a link to the ride that you can open up in mapmyride dot com. See my previous posts for instructions on how to use map my ride. I listed a more or less turn by turn description of the route in mapmyride. And, of course, you can download the route into your Garmin GPS to follow, if you ever find yourself on Bonaire and want to tempt fate and your flat tire fixing skills. :)

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