Monday, May 18, 2009

Licks and Legs

I had suntan lotion on the old bod this past Saturday for my ride in Washington park. I guess it made my skin a little sticky, because you can see distinct patches or road dust on the fronts of my shins, as opposed to the sides and backs of my shins. The dogs love to sniff and lick all exposed body parts after a bike ride. They can tell when I've ridden somewhere out of the ordinary too. The dust probably has a different smell on different parts of the island.
This is what my bike tires look like first thing in the morning. The True Goo must seep out of the many punctures during the night. It still seals the punctures though, because the tires hold air quite nicely. I saw the same phenomenon with Slime tire sealant as well.

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daisyamy said...

That's the same thing that happens to my dad when he takes a long bike ride, he comes home all sweaty and my dog just stands there and licks him all over :) though, i must say, his tires don't look quite like that ;)