Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Here from There (N America)

I just collected some airline information for a friend who is planning to visit us this summer from Minnesota. One Web site was trying to route him from N. America to Bonaire by way of Amsterdam, and another had him going through Quito! That would be a good way to rack up those frequent flier miles, but there are a couple of better ways to get here from there. I thought I'd post what I learned just in case anyone else needs a jump start in getting those online travel sites to work.

First a disclaimer. This is entirely unofficial information that I gleaned off the Internet and I assume no responsibility for its accuracy. It is only to steer you in roughly the right direction when you do your own research and trip planning. Some of these flights only fly during certain months of the year, or don't fly during certain months of the year.

OK - You can find direct flights to Bonaire if you connect through Atlanta, Newark, Houston, or Miami - but only on certain days.

Here are links to recent Bonaire Insider summary pages about the various flight options for getting here, and an overview of the seasonal schedule variations.

There is a new direct flight from Miami to Bonaire on Saturdays on Insel Air.
(by the way, Insel Air also flies to Curacao and you can connect to Bonaire from there)

This is a summary of the direct flights from Delta and Continental.

Below are some details as I got them on the Delta and Continental airlines Web pages.

The weekly DELTA direct flight from Atlanta is a Saturday flight. ATL to BON leaves ATL at 9:45 am. adn gets to Bonaire in the early afternoon. The return flight leaves Bonaire at 2:58 pm. and arrives in Atlanta at 7:31 pm.

The CONTINENTAL weekly direct flight from Newark, NJ leaves EWR at 11:55 pm SATURDAY night and arrives on BON at 4:29am on SUNDAY morning. The return flight leaves Bonaire at 6am Sunday morning and arrives in Newark at 10:41 Sunday am.
This flight may have the lowest fares... round trip this coming weekend is $398. (plus taxes)

The 2 CONTINENTAL flights from Houston are also redeye flights.
First flight leaves IAH on FRIDAY night at 11:30 pm and arrive on BON at 05:03 Saturday. The return flight from BON is at 07:30 on Sat. and arrives IAH at 11:20 Saturday.

The second flight leaves IAH on SATURDAY night at 23:30 and arrives on BON at 05:06 on Sunday. The return leaves BON at 07:30 on Sun. and arrives IAH at 11:13 on Sunday.

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