Monday, February 20, 2006

Seru Bentana

Once you know that a seru is a hill and that a bentana is a window, you'll know Seru Bentana when you see it.

I stopped to get a GPS reading at the survey marker by the lighthouse last week when we were doing one of our group bike rides in Washington Park. There are survey markers all over the island, but only a few are plotted on the topo maps. Map page one has three, Seru Wekua, Seru Bentana, and Brandaris. We climbed Brandaris about a month ago, but I forgot to get a GPS fix, so I'll be using the other two markers to calibrate my map when I scan it into the computer.

If you tell the software the location of a couple of points on the map, it can figure out the location of all the rest of the points on the map.

By the way, the cool topo maps of Bonaire have been very difficult to obtain. Sue Felix helped us get our set in Curacao back in the day. Now, however, you can buy them online! I was stunned when an Intelsat engineer clued me into this site.

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