Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Full Moon

Well, the full moon has come and gone. Hopefully we'll get in some good clear, dark skies star gazing in during the next couple weeks. In one final fling before departing the evening skies for a while, the moon will (I think) pass in front of the Star Spica around 11 pm. on Friday night. We should be far enough East to see it, as long as we aren't too far South.

Bonaire old timers will remember the stubby TV repeater tower on the hill that overlooks Rincon. It provided Bonaire with a few hours of TV every evening. I didn't even own a TV the first 11 or so years I lived here. That tower has now been joined by a bunch of other towers, and quite a number of houses, too.

The moon was only about 6 hours shy of being totally full Sunday evening when we were driving home up what we call "barf hill."

Um.... that's because the profile of the dirt hill up from Karpata seems ideally suited to make one feel like barfing if one rides real hard up it on a bike. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Brad. I just wanted to say "thanks" for the updates from Bonaire. I'm an acquaintence of Jake Richter's (I sold him on the idea of blogging on a flight from BON to San Juan last year), and was happy to see someone else blogging from the island.

My father and I have taken a dive vacation in Bonaire 11 of the past 12 years, and it will be 12 of 13 when we come down in two weeks. Reading your site is getting me jazzed for the trip.

"Barf hill." Heh. Karpata is my pop's favorite site (he's over 70 now and still makes his way out past the cement landing on his own), and I can see the road and hill in my mind's eye.

Thanks again for the nice blog.