Tuesday, August 03, 2010

UPS fun

The UPS at the Transmitter site died last week. The power has been and still is pretty flaky out there, which probably didn't help it. So Joe and I spent the morning moving all the key circuits over to one of our two UPSs at the Studio/Office site so we could take the second office UPS out to the Transmitter site. Some stuff that used to be on UPS power isn't now, but all the key things like the computer servers and the automation room are still protected.

Here we see Benny and Joe loading the UPS unit onto the Dyna so they can take it to the TX site. Believe it or not, that small box weighs between three to four hundred pounds. Good thing they had that winch operated mini forklift with which to lift it.


QBall said...

That's an interesting I.T. point... what do you guys do with the batteries from those units? Working in a datacenter we regularly have UPS units replaced and have the luxury of a large selection of local recyclers and drop points.

Brad said...

The batteries that still have some life left in them get used elsewhere. For example I had one running my telescope last night out in the field. As a community service, the local NAPA store collects and ships out used batteries for recycling.