Friday, August 06, 2010

New Late Night Spanish Programming

We've been broadcasting late night programming, in Creole, to the island of Haiti, since the big earthquake there last year. Now that the local Christian radio stations are back in full swing, we don't need to use the Bonaire transmitter to reach Haiti. So starting this past Monday night we've begun to transmit a new package of music and Spanish language programs from our RTM partners in the region.

Radio Trans Mundial is how Trans World Radio is known in the Spanish speaking world. You might have noticed that the sign Dionne was painting in a recent post read, "Radio Trans Mundial." We have similar signs in both English and Spanish outside our office here on Bonaire. Actually, our organization is not called Trans World Radio any more. The name of the organization is now simply, TWR. So I guess "RTM" is how you say "TWR" in Spanish, ha-ha-ha. Or as Sandra's international Facebook friends type it: "ja-ja-ja!"

In preparation for the new overnight Spanish language broadcasts, we've added hundreds of new Spanish language gospel songs to our computerized music library at the station. I guess you can say that we've got the world's largest Ipod here, except that the big hard drive array won't fit in your pocket. I can barely pick it up, actually.

Let me introduce you to just a few of the many great programs being produced by our TWR partners, located in 12 countries throughout Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

* Entre Jóvenes, produced in the Dominican Republic, is a magazine style program that provides professional insight into the feelings, fears and thoughts of young people. Topics cover such areas as friendship, dating, fun, sports, adventures drugs, employment, studies, parents and self identity.
* Produced in Cuba, Mensajes de Fe y Esperance is a daily five minute programs that discusses issues such as family life, interpersonal relationships, child rearing, superstitions, poverty and other concerns, while pointing listeners to faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
* A weekly conversational style program called Cosas de Nosotras, produced in the Dominican Republic, seeks to provide guidance and answers to the problems and challenges faced by Latin American women in their daily lives.
* Integración Familiar is a program designed to strengthen families across Latin America. Produced in the Dominican Republic by a team of professional counselors, this program brings a helping hand to families on a daily basis.
* Tierra Firme, a 30-minute weekly program produced by TWR-Uruguay, is providing a means for intellectuals in Latin America to be challenged by God’s Word. Christianity is presented as having the answer to all aspects of human life, including culture, the arts, literature and social problems.
* Radio Logos is a daily program that uses dramatic Bible reading and discussion to help listeners understand the meaning of the passage.
* Escuela Biblica RTM was developed by in Venezuela to provide systematic training to pastors and other church leaders. Written course materials and tests are available for those who desire to do more than simply audit the training sessions on the air.

We haven't been on the air straight through the night for quite a number of years now, but we used to have a large late night audience and I'm hoping and praying that listeners will quickly find us again. There are a bunch of other great RTM programs in our late night lineup as well. You can even hear some of them online sometimes, when the Venezuela and Uruguay offices have their streaming audio feeds running. You can learn more about RTM and find links to the various partner offices here.

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