Friday, August 06, 2010

New Google Earth Images of Bonaire

Our friend, Dr. J, (no, not that Dr. J) noticed that there are some new satellite images on the Google Earth map of Bonaire. There is a new improved section at the south point, a new section way at the north in Washington Park, and a new clearer section right through the middle of the island.

The TWR offices are barely visible through a cloud, but you can see the (empty) site of the new IBCB church building at the coordinates 12deg. 10min. 11.oosec North longitude
and 68deg. 17min. 05.60sec West latitude.

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Anonymous said...

enonitiBrad, I'm confused. I've checked the new Googlemap of Bonaire and, as you might remember, I'm partial to Antriol. Now there is "Dorp Antriol" as well that looks platted and little more. What is this place and why the Dutch "Dorp". I thought Papiamentu was the proper language.

Rich Kennedy