Sunday, June 29, 2008

Zensens Return to Bonaire

Back in the 70s, I had the pleasure of working the night shift at the Trans World Radio transmitter site with George Zensen. I enjoyed hanging out with their kids too. From Bonaire, the Zensens went to the TWR station on the island of Guam, and eventually to the HCJB engineering center in Indiana. But they recently returned to Bonaire for six weeks or so. Joan lent her piano playing skills to the International Bible Church, and George (on the left below) shared his considerable engineering wisdom with some of us at TWR.
Here we see George, Dave Olson, and Joe Barker discussing the finer points of the control panel wiring of our AM transmitter.
While George and Joan were here, their daughter Marjorie and her family joined them for a couple weeks of fun in the sun. In fact, they had so much fun out and about, I was never able to corral them all for the requisite family photo. Marjorie is also an accomplished pianist and helped out playing at the IBC while Sue Felix was away.

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