Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Special Bike Ride

This is a Google Earth screen shot of my bike ride on Sat. am. You'll need to click on it to see any detail. If you download the kml file, you can view the track in Google Earth for yourself and zoom in to see the details. This chart shows the distance along the bottom, in Kilometers, and the altitude, in meters, along the left side. The entrance to Washington Park is around 19km. I didn't keep track of the distances after that. The last big spike is, no doubt, the top of the hill by Rincon with all the radio towers.

I did a long bike ride this am. It was raining like crazy on the south end of Bonaire, but I went north and only got rained on a little. It was actually great bike riding weather.

I started at the traffic circle and road towards Rincon on the main east road. I turned off the main road at the Boca Onima dirt road and took that almost to the gate of Washington Park. I then went through the park on the short route in (the only one open 'cause of the rain) and the short route out. After exiting the park, I took the cement road to Rincon, went up the cement hill to the radio towers, and continued back to Sabadeco, Hato, and the traffic circle.

Here is a link to a Google Earth kml file that you can hopefully download and open in Google Earth to follow along the ride. The ride begins at the lower right corner of the "track" and goes counter clockwise. The other Washington Park "kml" file I posted recently was of the long route through the park.

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