Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Improved English Papiamentu Dictionary

Betty Ratzlaff is on Bonaire right now for the official launch of the new improved second edition of her English/Papiamentu - Papiamentu/English dictionary. You can read all about the new edition of the dictionary, and even buy it online, at
Appropriately enough, the web site is available in both Papiamentu and English. Trans World Radio helped Betty publish the first edition of the dictionary, with first and second printings in 1992 and 1995. It has been out of print for quite a while now. Alan Gross and Jane Townsend, and Michael Gaynor approached the TWR Dictionary Foundation with a plan (which was accepted) to introduce a revised edition of the dictionary.

The TWR Dictionary foundation licensed Jong Bonaire to revise and reprint the dictionary, and provided seed money to help get the project off the ground. Jong Bonaire secured a bank loan for the remainder of the funds needed for the project. Jong Bonaire is handling the production, administration and accounting, and Michael will take care of the warehousing and distribution.

Profits from the sale of the dictionary will go to help fund the Jong Bonaire youth center. A percentage of the sales will also be set aside for the next printing of the dictionary and for printing inspirational Christian literature in the Papiamentu language.
In the above photo Betty is presenting a copy of the new improved dictionary to Bonaire Governor Herbert Domacasse. Below you can see the stores on the ABC islands that will be selling the dictionaries.
There is an initiative to encourage companies and organizations to purchase dictionaries for the schools on the islands. You can read all about this on the web site too.
Betty is holding a book signing at Addo's book store, here on Bonaire, this afternoon. Some eager beavers couldn't wait 'till today, so Betty held an impromptu signing session after the press conference on last night.

We are quite excited to see the dictionary back in circulation again, and want to express an especially big thank you to Alan and Jane for contributing their enthusiasm, drive, and professional skills to make a dream come true for Betty and the TWR Dictionary Foundation.

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Bryce Wesley Merkl said...

Very interesting story about the English-Papiamentu Dictionary!

Here's a site that is actually in Papiamentu that I thought you might enjoy:

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