Friday, June 13, 2008

A "Shocking" Development

The rising price of oil continues to affect the cost of electricity here on Bonaire. On our most recent utility bill, we're paying 50 cents U.S. per kilowatt hour.

So we keep lights and fans off unless they are absolutely needed. We also use such curiosities as a stove top popcorn popper and stove top waffle maker instead of the more common electric versions. LPG for our stove has risen in cost too, but I think it is still a relative bargain compared to electricity.

It also looks like our recent decision to replace our old desktop computer that (literally) burned out with a more energy efficient laptop is going to save us plenty.

At Trans World Radio, the cost of electricity to run our big 100kw transmitter is far and away our largest operating expense, so the higher utility costs are really putting the hurt to our budget.

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