Sunday, April 02, 2006

Time Change

Ha ha, I almost went to church an hour early due to the time change. Actually I always go to church an hour early to set up the sound system etc. But this would have been an hour earlier than that.

Now, the more astute among you may be saying, but but but, "forgetting the spring time change would make one an hour late for church, not an hour early!"

Others, who have spent time on Bonaire, are probably thinking, "wait, Bonaire doesn't have seasonal time changes".

Well, you are both right. Because of the 50hz ac power here on Bonaire, we've always used battery clocks, and they just run fine, but don't change for daylight saving time, which works perfectly here.

But, last fall when we were in the States, we were finally able to find a couple clocks that plug into the wall outlet, and have nice bright LED displays that one can read from across the room, but keep the time with an internal time base and don't care if the ac power is 60hz or 50 hz.
These clocks are really great, but they are too smart. They did the "spring ahead" one hour thing last night.

I was about to walk out the door, when I looked at my watch and discovered that it was 6:55am and not 7:55 am. Sandra and I had been commenting to each other about how much darker it seemed this am, and now we know why! We were up an hour earlier than usual.

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