Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kibrahacha Trees are Blooming

We had some rain at the end of last week and the Kibrahacha trees were blooming like crazy yesterday (Wednesday.) The blooms will probably be good today too, and then the show will be over. The flowers don't last long at all.

Sandra and I zoomed to the hills east of the TWR offices after work to get some pictures.

The contrasting colors were very pretty this year.

A pair of Loras flew into the picture below, yippie!
See that rock and white survey marker at the top right of the picture. (You may need to click on the photo so you can see it bigger.) The first picture on the Dec. 07, 2004 post on my blog is one that I took from up there, looking southwest towards town.

Here is a close up of the flowers. Actually, I'm not that pleased with any of the close up photos I took yesterday. The wind may have been moving the branches too much to get a clear shot. I'll try again next time they bloom. Posted by Picasa


MamaSheri said...

What a small world. I'm planting an orchard and was wishing for a lemonchi tree, like I saw at Udo & Berni's house, so I decide to look up lemonchi & this is where I'm directed. I've gotten nowhere in my search for the tree, but I find my ex brother-in-law! Still living on and Sandra are very blessed! Well I finally settled down and live on a ranch/farm in Texas. I raise Angora goats for their mohair to spin, weave, etc.

Any chance you know about the tree I'm talking about? Loads of tiny lemons on it. If you do, could you find the proper name? I'd love to try and grow a few here. Or maybe some seeds, then I wouldn't need the proper name to find it.

Glad I found you guys. Take care!

Brad said...

Hi Sheri, Great to hear from you.
I finally tracked down my tree expert friend. He says that the Limunchi is basically the same tree as what in the States is known as the Key Lime. He also says the commercial dealers in FL aren't selling them because they all have some sort of fungus or something. Same thing with the trees from S America. But he says that a local Nursery or Garden Center might have the Key Lime tree.

Sol said...

Hi Brad,

I am Solange Leoneta and live on Curacao.
Your pictures of the Kibrahacha trees are beautiful.
I would love to use them for school tests.
Can I get your permission to use them?


Ms Solange Leoneta

Brad said...

Hi Ms Leoneta, yes you can use the pictures for school tests.

Sol said...

Thanks Brad.