Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Favorite Panorama

I climbed a new hill Sunday afternoon. Well, new for me anyway. Our friend Berni Lusse told us about it eons ago, but I never actually got up there before now. This hill, called "Lasana" on my map, is one of the high spots on the ridgeline as you drive from Rincon to the entrance to Washington park. These hills form a nice natural sort of wall between the park and the outside world.

I think that the views from on top of this hill are the best ones I've seen anywhere on Bonaire. I took some pictures, but will definitely go back again when we get a super clear day.

I put a roughly 270 degree panoramic image on my club photo site. It is called 1527_1537small. Contrary to its name, it is a pretty big file, but shows most of Bonaire.

On the original full size image, I can clearly see the Willemstoren lighthouse, the big wind generator by Sorobon, the lighthouse at Spelonk, and most everything in between, all the way to the lighthouse at Seru Bentana in the park.

The view starts looking west and Brandaris is the first hill you see in the distance at the left side of the image. Then you gradually look towards the North and then East to Rincon and then South across the bay to the rest of Bonaire.

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