Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ser'i Camina panorama

I did some bike riding and hiking in Washington Park this morning. They've been working on the roads for about three weeks now, and they are in prime condition. There are places where the surface is loose and a little sketchy on a bike, but for cars etc. this is the time to visit the park for sure. It's getting a little warmer in there these days, but it still is not deathly hot like in the summer.

I climbed a hill called "sericamina" on my map. It started right by the road, and I only got scratched up the usual amount from thorns etc. I wonder if the park rangers ever wonder how come my arms and legs are all scratched up after riding on their nicely fixed up roads....

The view from the top of the hill was great, and I shot 13 pictures with my zoom at 28mm, which I stitched into a 360 degree panorama. It is on my club photo site and is called "seru360" Some day I may change the name to "sericamina360", so if you aren't reading this posting right away, that may be the name to look for.

I'm hoping that we'll get some really clear weather again sometime, like we had a couple months ago. I think the panoramas would come out much better. It wasn't too bad today, but I couldn't see Curacao etc.

You'll need to make sure your browser doesn't automatically resize images if you want to be able to pan back and forth and see the details on the panorama. I told how to configure Internet Explorer in a previous posting, or you could do a Google search to get instructions.

When the full size panorama is on your screen, (mine is set for 1024x768), the left side of the image is looking pretty much West, and Playa Funchi is the first big feature you see along the shoreline. There is a little hill just to the right of Playa Funchi. It is called "Shishiribana" on my map.

As you continue to head to the right, there is a large hill in the foreground and then you can see the shore again at Boca Bartol. On my screen, this is about a third of the way across the picture. Just to the right of Boca Bartol, also on the coast, before you get to the next big hill, is Malmok. That's due North and where we went to see the total solar eclipse in 1998.

The big hill and ridge just to the right of Boca Bartol and Malmok are "Ser'i Mangel" and "Jarabi Mangel." To the right of them, you can see "Ser'i Bentana" along the shoreline and then the wide round hill "Ser'i Sumpina" more in the foreground.

You can see part of Seru Grandi along the shoreline, just on the right flank of "Ser'i Sumpina" You are between half way and two thirds of the way across the picture now, and looking East.

If you pan all the way to the right side of the picture and start heading left, the first thing you come to is "Brandaris". Then in the foreground is "Hobao"

There is a big notch to the left of "Hobao" and you are looking due South to a big valley or plain that appears in some of my other panoramas, that I shot from the hills that you can see through the haze way in the distance.

To the left of the notch and valley is the hill, "Yuwana". Then a little in the background is "Matado di Pasku", and then back more in the foreground, the broad rounded top of "Seru Largu". There is actually a steep valley between Yuwana and Seru Largu in front, and Matado di Pasku in back. I might be able to get a good picture of that valley if I climb "Hobao."

Poking up way in the distance, on the horizon just to the left of "Seru Largu" is Seru Yuwana, another of my panorama shooting sites.

Things get a little confusing just to the left of there. There are hills hiding behind other hills, and nice valleys, and old roads. I've seen most of the roads, but climbing all the main hills should keep me busy for quite some time. I'm still working out the easiest way to get to each one.

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