Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Improved Race Loop

Bonaire Wellness Connexions is hosting mountain bike races here on Bonaire, on May 29 (for kids) and May 30 (f0r adults.) The race course is on the east side of Bonaire between Amboina and Punto Blanku. It is pretty much the same one that was used about a year ago.Most of the riding is on pretty smooth dirt roads, but there are a couple sections of challenging single track terrain.
The pictures here are of the new parts of the course. You can't stray from the path at all or you'll roll over nasty thorn branches, or worse, brush against a nasty cactus.

This part of the course has sandstone like rocky ledges interspersed with deep loose sections of goat droppings.

Andrea powers up a climb. It is medium steep but the surface is pretty loose, so you have to pay attention.

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