Wednesday, May 06, 2009

April 3 Bike Race

I had a number of responsibilities at the International Bible Church this past Sunday, so I wasn't able to ride in the Bonaire Wellness Mtn. Bike Race. I could have raced and still made it to the 9am service, but I had to be there at 8 to set up etc.

I have lots more bike race pictures in a Picasa album here.

In the above photo, Miguel, of Bonaire Wellness Connexions, has some last minute advise for the riders. The four riders in the elite class are paying attention, but click on the thumbnail and check out the riders behind them in the sport, masters, and beginners classes. They appear to be having a great time but aren't exactly focused on the race. That's ok 'cause the pain got their attention soon enough once the race got under way.
There were a few steep and loose uphill sections that regularly gave me trouble during our practice sessions. DJ and Erik, pictured here, zoomed right through them with no problems.

By the second lap, Erik was the only one who could match DJ's blistering pace... until he was knocked out by three succesive flat tires on the third lap.
Sandra was helping hand out water to the riders on this smooth but still somewhat slow uphill section of the course.

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