Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Activity Building to Become a School

TWR recently sold the Activity Building to a foundation that is renovating it and managing it for the Pelican School grammar school that has been meeting in the TWR Offices and Studios for a number of years. This will be a huge improvement for the school.Although we have loads of fond memories of lots of fun times at the Act. Bldg. the facility became overkill for our current staff of two families and three local workers. We're glad it will continue to be used for something that will be of great benefit to the Bonaire community.
As you can see below if you click on the picture, they've improved the flow through ventilation of the building, ha-ha.
All the little Sunday school rooms on both sides of the building are being expanded into full size classrooms. There is a new septic system, and loads of other modifications and renovations on the way. They are working like crazy with the goal of having at least some classes in the building this August when the new school year begins.

The former workshop area at the back of the outdoor sports courts has also been converted into school rooms.

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