Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sartorially Challenged

I wonder if Superman ever had this problem. It was almost time for the Tuesday afternoon group mountain bike ride. So I zoomed into the bathroom at work with my bike duds, to morph from a mild mannered missionary into Pow-er Ped-al-er.

I peeled off my civilian clothes and reached into my back pack extracting my cycling jersey, helmet, socks, and black cycling shorts. But wait, those aren't my cycling shorts, it's a black Lycra shirt I used to wear windsurfing! Since my legs wouldn't fit through the sleeves, there wasn't much chance of pressing the rash guard into service for the bike ride. So I was stuck in the men's room with nothing to wear. Well, actually I put my civvies back on, collected my stuff and headed home.

But all was not lost. I had been wanting to retrace the last part of the ride we had done the previous Saturday. I wanted to record the route in my GPS, which had mysteriously switched itself off during the Saturday ride. I think that the bumps may jostle the batteries enough that they momentarily break contact and the unit randomly shuts off. So I retraced the Saturday route, and then added a climb up Seru Largu and a run down the single track trails to Sabadeco.

That Saturday ride was a really good one, by the way. The sky was clear, the winds were low and we had 18 riders as we set out, which might just be a new record for an intermediate group ride here on Bonaire. We were all over the middle part of the island on that ride. You can see where we went on map my run dot com. Make sure you select the satellite map when the web page opens.

The lead riders even made a wrong turn fairly near the beginning of the ride, and had to turn around at the end of a dead end road. That meant the faster riders had to catch up to the slower riders, who where suddenly at the fore. It was all great fun, only had a couple of flats, which were quickly dealt with, and those who got lost (in two different instances) didn't stay lost for long.

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