Wednesday, January 07, 2009

TWR - Cuba Program on the Air

This past Monday evening, we here at TWR - Bonaire transmitted the first episode of a new program titled, "Messages of Faith and Hope." Well, that is what an English translation of the title would be.

This five minute long program is being produced in Cuba at our TWR office and studio there, and is the first program to be produced in Cuba and broadcast back to Cuba from Bonaire. These programs are designed to lay the foundation for faith in God and are on the air five nights a week between the programs "Thru The Bible" and "Luis Palau."

Here is what our TWR partner, Alberto, had to say after hearing the first program Monday night. Tonight we had a special gift. We listened to "Messages of Faith and Hope" in our own house in City of Havana and with an incredibly strong signal! It was very touching for us and there are already people calling. Here it is listened at 8:30 PM. Thank you, brother, for your dream that begins to be completed. We are beginning, yes?

The video clip below is actually just the audio track of this first Messages of Faith and Hope program. Blogger makes it much easier to include video in the blog than audio, and a blank video clip with audio track seems to work ok.

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