Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mysterious Sightings

England may have crop circles, but Bonaire has Mysterious Disappearing Houses. Almost overnight, waterfront dwellings that have stood for a generation or two vanish into thin air.

Some say it must be the work of the "Wrecking Crane" continuing its bid to supplant the good old Flamingo as the national bird of Bonaire.

Especially ominous is when two adjacent houses disappear, leaving a space that just might be filled by one of those new-fangled multi story dwellings. Yikes.

The space pictured here is the site of the vacation home of the late Metropolitan Opera Singer, Jerome Hines, and his family. I'm sure that more than a few people have fond memories of vacationing at this very spot over the years.


Anonymous said...

Gah, that is right next to my old house....

Unknown said...

We moved into the house to the right in 1980, just after Mr. and Mrs. Schipper left Bonaire. What a beautiful location. Our kids loved it!