Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dutch Christmas Cookies II

For those of you in North America, who might be craving those yummy Dutch Christmas treats, here are a couple links to online stores that import and sell them.

This store has my favorite brand of Kruidnoten, or tiny crunchy gingery spice cookies. They do seem to be reduced in price now that Christmas is past.

I'm not quite as addicted to Taai Taai cookies, but when I eat them, this place has the ones I look for. They are the forth ones down on the list on this page.

There are all sorts of other yummy Dutch treats, like Hagelslag, Chocolate Letters, Speculass and Stroopwafels, available from these stores too.

And of course the hazardous to your health unless you've grown up on it, and are therefore immune, stuff like Dubble Zoute Licorice is available online too. Yikes.

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Anonymous said...

I mail ordered a bunch from hollandsbest so that's another good possibility.