Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bonaire Bargains

Some necessities of life, like electricity at a little over $.40 per kilowatt hour, are pretty expensive here on Bonaire.

But some things are real bargains. For example, last week we took our three dogs to the vet for checkups, and the annual shots for two of them, and a wart frozen off of one. All that, plus a previous visit for a "barf shot" to empty the puppy's stomach after he ate a poisonous blue tail lizard, only cost us $59!

Yesterday, Sandra and I flew to Curacao for the day to see a medical specialist. During her lifetime, Sandra has seen this type of doctor on three continents, likes this one better than any of them, and the office visit yesterday cost us a mere $30.90. What a deal. Over the next four months Sandra is going to transition into a new medication, which we hope will work better, with fewer side effects, than what she has been on for the last 25 years or so. If our next family photo shows her with two heads, you'll know that it didn't work!

Of course, travel to the Dr.'s office yesterday cost us about $250, so we'll just chalk that up as a one day mini vacation. After all, creeping around Curacao's ring road in bumper to bumper traffic, and eating lunch at Mc Donalds IS a big change from Bonaire. ha-ha

By the way, I want to put in a good word for the ticket and gate agent (same guy) of Divi Divi Airlines in Curacao. Because of those traffic jams, we got to the airport at the very last minute and it was only because Divi Divi went above and beyond the call of duty that we weren't stuck in Curacao for the night. Thank you Divi Divi!

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