Monday, March 31, 2008

IBCB on the Move

The International Bible Church of Bonaire is moving to a new location. After calling the activities building of Trans World Radio home for nine years, the IBC is going to be having its Sunday morning services and Friday evening kids club in the auditorium at the SGB or local high school.

The IBC is planning to build its own church building in the Hotel Row / southern Hato area. The church has a building fund goal of two hundred thousand guilders for a user friendly, but not elaborate facility. The building fund stands at about thirty thousand guilders right now.

The IBC has a new Internet presence too, at You can visit the site, but there is no actual content there as of this morning. That will probably change soon.

The picture I've posted here shows the location of the church's new home at the Aula, or high school auditorium, relative to some other Bonaire landmarks, like Cultimara and the big satellite dishes of Flamingo TV. You can click on the picture to see it full screen. The Sunday morning is at 9 am and visitors are always welcome.

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