Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Moon and Planet show Wed. AM

Tomorrow morning, about an hour before sunrise, the Moon, Venus, and Mercury will make a nice little triangle pattern in the eastern sky. It was clear this morning and I could see Venus from inside out house, pretty high above the horizon at 6:15. A slender crescent moon was hovering above Venus.
Based on what I saw this morning, it should be a nice grouping tomorrow. I just hope the sky is clear, something that one can't count on this time of year.
I'll probably be observing by 6 am or slightly earlier, because a darker sky will make little Mercury easier to spot. The moon and Venus will be easy. Mercury might require binoculars to locate at first.
The further north you live, the closer to the horizon this grouping will happen. It is high enough to be easily visible from here on Bonaire, hooray.

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