Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trail Maintenance-Google Earth Map Improved

Bonaire Wellness has a couple mountain bike races coming up in the near future. A practice race is set for May 3 and a real race is scheduled for June 1. Of course, here on Bonaire, even a real race is pretty low key, and all ages and abilities are welcome. As I write this, the Bonaire Wellness website seems to be broken and my emails to it are bouncing back to me. So if you would like more info about either of the races, or if you would like a .kml file of the race course that you can open in your own copy of Google Earth, just email me. Above is the course profile. The altitude is in meters and the distance is in kilometers. The loop that makes up the race course is only about 2.4 miles long. The level of difficulty is deceptive however, especially if one does multiple laps. There is no place to rest/recover/regroup. The course is either super bumpy, which tends to beat you up physically, or it is climbing uphill. Different race classes ride from one to four laps of the course.
Above, you can see the course plotted on a Google Earth view of Bonaire. You'll have to click on the picture to see it bigger. Google Earth has greatly improved the resolution of their map of the North part of Bonaire. I'm really psyched about that, even though there are pesky clouds hiding some key areas.

I spent last Saturday morning cutting back thorn bushes that seem to grow like crazy and block the "donkey trail" part of the course each winter. Those thorn bushes don't give up without a fight and my arms and legs look like a cross between a pin cushion and a cat's scratching post. Miguel and Sam recently did a trail clearing session as well. So now we should be able to ride the course without collecting a bunch of cuts and bloody scratches. Miguel, of Bonaire Wellness Conexxions, calls them "souvenirs." I guess being an optimist is the first prerequisite to being a personal trainer/fitness program director!

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