Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ship Shapes

There were two cruise ships in port recently. I was hoping to get some pictures of them, but one had sailed by the time I got out of work. So I did a quick bike ride and then headed to "donkey beach" (the one by the airport runway) for the sunset and a look across the bay towards town.

It was interesting to watch the lights on the ship become visible as the twilight darkened.
Even from our position across the bay, we couldn't help but notice the giant video screen on the top deck of the ship. If you enlarge the picture below, you might be able to pick out a couple people, which will provide a sense of scale to the screen and speaker systems. Sandra's reaction was, "I wonder if they showed the Super Bowl on that thing?" That would have been cool, cruising the Caribbean by day and the Super Bowl by night, ha-ha.
We've seen a really really huge cruise ship stop here a couple of times this year. I think it is the new one that we saw a program about on the Discovery Channel. Maybe I can get a picture of it sometime. It towers over downtown Kralendijk even more than the regular cruise liners.

Well, I'm going to post this and hope that the new improved blogger software doesn't wreak havoc with the page formatting. If it does, sorry... The new Microsoft Word 2007 lets 0ne create pages and then post to Blogger. That may be an eventual solution.

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