Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More "hot air" about Wind Power

I recently mentioned that the old wind turbine by Sorobon is scheduled to be replaced by a new one, and the future plans for a wind generator park in the Morotin area north of Rincon.

I just saw this story online about a study that suggests placing 160,000 wind turbines off the east coast of the USA, from Cape Cod to Cape Hatteras. There is also some information about wind turbines in general.

Here's an interesting article about world wide wind mapping research. This study estimates that about 2.5 million wind turbines, capturing about 20% of the available wind world wide, could supply all Earth's electricity needs.

You might want to consult this map when planning your next windsurfing vacation. It looks like Bonaire has class 4 winds, (class 3 is sufficient for wind turbines) but the map goes up to class 7! Whoo-whoo, better pack those small sails.

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