Sunday, February 04, 2007

Piles of Puzzles

Yes, Tasmania is not in its rightful location. but it wouldn't fit in the picture otherwise.

Speaking of Tasmania, I just watched the movie "Young Einstein" last night, with the actor, Yahoo Serious, as young Tasmanian bushman who splits the beer atom, invents the electric guitar, saves the world etc. I wouldn't necessarily recommend spending your hard earned money on this DVD, unless you have a really weird sense of humor, but if you subscribe to Netflix, you could give it a try.

Sandra usually gets into puzzle making mood around Christmas time, although the affliction has been known to strike at any time. She even has our one "dog with tail" trained to keep her tail low around the puzzle tables, so as not to sweep pieces onto the floor!

My parents have recently given Sandra some special shaped puzzles by SunsOut. The entire puzzle is cut out in a special shape and many of the pieces have unusual shapes as well. I'm not too much of a puzzle-aholic, but I do have to admit that these puzzles are fun.

Sandra is sharing her SunsOut puzzles with our friend, Donna, who puzzles about as much as I cycle, and Donna loves them too. She's already scheming as to how she can buy some online and have visiting friends bring them to Bonaire.

SunsOut shows 42 shaped puzzles on their web site in the special shapes section. But if you browse through some of the other categories of puzzles on the site, you'll find more. For example, the Australia puzzle pictured here is not in the special shapes section, but can be found, together with "O Canada," in the Countries category. There is a cool lighthouse shaped puzzle listed under "lighthouses."

Besides the "Down Under" puzzle pictured here, Sandra has "Wake Up Call" and "Spanish Dancers."

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