Friday, September 29, 2006

TWR Bonaire - Then and Now

When I first came to Bonaire in 1975, Trans World Radio had a huge staff, from 17 countries, that wrote and recorded our radio programs, and then corresponded with our listeners. Now, thanks to the internet and ftp, and studio and transmitter automation systems, most of these people have scattered back to their countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.

We still have a large multi-national team involved in the TWR broadcasts from Bonaire, but they are just not here on Bonaire anymore.

Here is a picture of our Bonaire staff last Christmas. Two of the families pictured here are gone, but two more have come to replace them. We'll need to take an updated picture soon I guess. Posted by Picasa

Now that the people who actually communicate directly with our listeners are no longer here on Bonaire, we sometimes feel out of touch with audiences. But here is an encouraging response from a woman in Venezuela that found its way to us.

I congratulate you for so great a work that you carry out in these times that are so difficult.... I am Venezuelan and although I accepted Jesus recently in my life, I have listened to TWR for a long time. These days I have been very happy to get rid of the chains that had me tied and hindered me from the joy of the freedom that Jesus gives us. Now my challenge is that I have very little biblical knowledge and the reading of the Bible is a little complex. However I ask God for much wisdom to understand it and the way to follow his steps. I would like to request that you pray for me because I only want to live for Jesus... Thank you...

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