Friday, September 08, 2006

Dog Days of September

Well the September doldrums are here in all their glory. The tradewinds have fizzled down to a fitful breeze that is sometimes from the East, sometimes from the South, and sometimes completely absent.

Its all due to the disturbed weather in the southern Atlantic and in the Caribbean at the peak of the hurricane season.

It is seriously hot outside right now and those that can, take shelter in the shade.

On the other hand, this is the prime time of the year for diving on the normally rough East side of Bonaire. Berni Lusse has been out across the reef at Sorobon twice this past week. I don't dive any more, but maybe we'll break out the ol' snorkel and fins this weekend and head out there too. We ALWAYS see amazing stuff out there.

This is also the Tower Painting time of year. We try to paint one of our four antenna towers each year in a regular rotation. Rich West just climbed up one of them this week and reports that the rains have washed all the salt coating off of the towers. So they are in perfect condition to scrape and paint.

The low winds this time of year also help the guys get a nice even coat when applying the paint to the towers. If it is too windy, the wet paint migrates around to the back side of the tower legs before it has a chance to dry.

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