Friday, August 18, 2006

New Construction

A new road has been put in to the east of Kaya Gob. N. Debrot, the "Hotel Row" road, that runs from the traffic circle by TWR all the way to the WEB power plant. There are some evidences of development along that road, even though it hasn't been paved as of yet. It is a great dog walking road right now, actually.

There is also a new structure starting to appear across the street from the TWR parking lot, where the Arty's World sign used to be. Rumor has it that a McDonalds is going to appear on Bonaire soon, but I don't know if that is what is being built here or not.

The whole corner has been stripped bare of vegetation. Here is a view looking east towards the TWR activities building from the west side of the traffic circle. The new building is going up just to the left of what you can see here, which puts it more or less across the street from the Sand Dollar Grocery.

I've created a panorama from three images I took in the TWR parking lot. You can see it on my club photo site by following this link, I hope. There will be a link in the club photo page to let you see the full 1747x700 pixel panorama. If you have set your browser to NOT resize images, you'll be able to scroll across the image and see lots of detail.

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