Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bonaire Buggies

As some of you may know, during our early years on Bonaire, we had a Meyers Manx dune buggy. It was a lot of fun and a good "explore the island" vehicle. Here is a picture of Richard helping maintain it back in the early 80's.

As we drove by the Napa store yesterday, we noticed that they were having a big street fair. What really caught my eye was the bright red drag buggy on display.

They also had a couple other race cars and fired them up around noon. Yes, they were loud. The one with the big block motor had the lumpiest idle I've ever heard and you could really smell the unburned fuel. There was a 69/70 bodied Camaro too, with a small block motor that sounded really crisp and eager to rev.

The drag buggy was great. It is powered by a Mazda 13B rotary (Wankel) engine, with a humongus Weber carb and it looked like nitrous injection too. It has run a 10.69 quarter mile. That has got to be a wild ride sitting in an open buggy with your various parts flapping in the breeze.

I've got pictures on my winkflash site. You can check them out if you are a buggy enthusiast. You'll have to scroll down the page past the Rincon photos and the aerial photos to see the car photos.

You can tell from the close ups that it is not a show car, but has lots of innovative tweaks to make it fast and safe on the track. We had a nice chat with the owner, Ronald Neslo, as well.


Stanferd said...

Hi Brad,

I was searching for Ronald Neslo when I found your site. He was a good friend of my (past away) father. The pictures of him and his 13b buggy are not available on your site anymore. Can you mail those to me? Many thanks! Do you know how I can reach this Neslo?

Many thanks Brad!

Brad said...

Hi Stanferd,
I fixed the link to the photos. When Club Photo folded, Winkflash was able to get the photos. I've probably got lots of dead links from back then. I'll look at my records from 2006 and see if I have any contact info. on Neslo.