Friday, June 23, 2006

Southern Cross II

The sky was pretty clear Wednesday evening so I zoomed out to the Sorobon road to try out a new star gazing spot. I got all set up and as my first five minute exposure was ending, the clouds came rolling in. I hung around for a good while, to no avail.

There will be a few more evenings of dark skies before the moon makes its monthly appearance, so I'm ever hopeful. I happened to look out the window at 5:30 this morning and saw nice pink accents in the still dark sky, and a thin crescent moon and Venus shining brightly. I thought of waking up Sandra to see it and then thought better of that. :)

I've posted my Wednesday night picture of the Southern Cross. I didn't process it as much as the picture I posted the other day, so it looks more realistic to me. The dark area to the lower left of the cross is called the Coal Sack dark nebula. It consists of interstellar dust type stuff that hides the stars behind it.

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